Our practice


A lot has changed since Dominic J. Ciaramitaro, DDS, opened his dental practice nearly 58 years ago. And a great deal remains the same - only better. Water is now fluoridated and fluoride toothpaste is the rule not the exception. Fast and easy ultrasonic tooth cleaning has enhanced traditional prophylaxis. Now, digital x-rays have reduced patient discomfort and cut radiation exposure by as much as 80% while providing instant imaging of the patient's mouth - in the examination room or in private consultation with Dr. Carl Ciaramitaro. Lasers are now used to aid in the diagnosis of tooth decay. These are just a few of the 21st century advances now practiced at Auburn Village Family Dental Center.

Exam Room & Laboratory

At Auburn Village Family Dental Center, patients are assured that each member of our dental team exercises the most current infection and environmental control procedures. Sterilization and disinfection of patient care items is start-of-the-art in both the exam room and laboratory. Your health, and that of our practitioners, is of the utmost importance.

Dental Procedures

In addition to general dental procedures including diagnostic, preventive and educational services, the offices of Dr. Carlo Ciaramitaro and the Auburn Village Family Dental Center are equipped, licensed and certified to perform a full range of advanced dental procedures, including several popular cosmetic services as well as implant and reconstructive procedures designed to restore your beautiful smile.

Whiten Your Smile

Are you considering tooth whitening? Are you looking for immediate results? Dr. Ciaramitaro offers the most advanced tooth whitening process available; a simple, painless, chairside procedure that's fast and easy, safe and effective. Best of all, you'll see long lasting results in just over an hour.

Clear Correct®

The clear choice for straighter teeth. Could braces help your smile but unsightly metal bands and wires make you feel self-conscious? Not to worry. Auburn Village Family Dental Center offers Clear Correct, the clear, invisible braces that are custom molded to fit your mouth. A series of clear aligners help move your teeth gradually. You'll begin seeing results within six months to a year.

Call Dr. Ciaramitaro today to schedule your initial consultation and the "straight" talk on Clear Correct.